"My first Massage experience with Giancarlo was a very pleasant and memorable one. Giancarlo was extremely decent and professional throughout the session." – Meredith – Perth –Australia

“ He is an outstanding therapist who pays special attention to my sensual needs. I highly recommend him” – Diane – Manchester U.K.

“ Ho sperimentato molti tipi di massaggio ma quello di Giancarlo è unico nel suo genere. Non mi sono mai sentita cosi a mio agio e libera. “Rilassata, energizzata, rigenerata”.Giorgia – Napoli - Italy

"I had a  massage session with Giancarlo recently. I must say that not only the massage was great, but I should also thank Giancarlo for his patience in waiting for me, as my flight from Washington to Milan was delayed by more than an hour. Priceless! " - Karen United States

"Ho fatto, finora, 6 massaggi con Giancarlo ed il motivo per il quale mi faccio toccare solo da lui è perchè Giancarlo è una persona speciale. Non è un massaggiatore qualunque. Con lui mi sento sicura e perfettamente a mio agio, considerata la natura del massaggio. Peccato non averlo conosciuto prima.” Anna – Milano Italy

“ Ho portato mia moglie nello Studio di Giancarlo, nel centro di Milano. Un ambiente molto elegante, caldo ed accogliente. Mia moglie ha avuto un full body massage ed è rimasta estasiata. Grazie Giancarlo, il più bel regalo che potessi farmi.  F & C. -  Roma Italy

“ I was curious about what GIANCARLO’s massage is and wanted to try it. When Giancarlo explained what it was I was initially not sure. So I asked my friend and she said to try. When Giancarlo came to my hotel room I was very nervous, but after talking for a few minutes, I found out he is so normal and also quite humorous and I decided to go ahead. I have never done that massage before and it was a surprise at my age to feel again so aroused and comfortable with my body. Giancarlo is a very decent person and also caring. Thanks for the experience”  Amy – Singapore

"Had my massage session with GIANCARLO recently. It was both refreshing and eye-opening. Learnt a lot." - Pamela - California – United States

"I recently engaged Giancarlo for a massage session in my hotel. I must confess that it was a truly wonderful experience. Totally talented and professional. Two thumbs up!" – Romy – Frankfurt – Germany

“It was my last day of holiday in Milan. I went to Giancarlo’s  Studio. He made me feel like a I could surrender body and mind as part of the massage experience. He is so handsome and he approached a massage like an artist. I look forward to his massages. A true escape from the stressful world. – Natasha – Russia xxx.

I am Louis from Paris and my wife  from Thailand say thank you and congratulations to Giancarlo for a wonderful couples massage in Milan, January 2012." - Louis & P. - Paris, France

"I read about Giancarlo and his massage in Milan and called him to make an appointment. However, after many failed attempts in reaching him, I began to have doubts whether he was genuinely a therapist. Finally, I had my session today, and I must say it was one of the best. I also wish to apologize to Giancarlo for doubting him. In my opinion, Giancarlo's services need to be made popular so more would benefit from them." – Greta – Sweden

“ Loved the last time I was in Milan! I want to experience the  massage with Giancarlo again, especially as the recording of it really turned me on…!!!” Kati – Melbourne Australia

“ Grazie per aver contribuito FATTIVAMENTE a rendere il nostro anniversario di matrimonio MEMORABILE, regalando a mia moglie momenti veramente intensi col tuo tocco magico” Antonio – Novara – Italy

“ All I can say is OMG!!!

I really liked your massage and I could tell I felt so wonderfully!! That was an amazing experience for me.Thank you so much – Karina – Bratislava - Slovaki"

Carissimo GIANCARLO, volevo ringraziarti per ieri sera. Riesci sempre per un'ora a far spegnere la mia testa ( cosa difficilissima per me). Grazie ancora" - Lory - Venezia – Italia

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